The Munnar Bike Trip

7 guys, 6 bikes, 5 days, and one total blast

There's something emotionally satisfying about a bike trip. You don't observe nature as you would a distant beast, like an animal in a zoo. On a bike, you are part of it. You experience the world and its myriad wonders. Just you and your machine, miles of good wholesome road and whatever ever else nature chooses to dish out. This trip was about as good as they come. 7 guys, 6 bikes, and the monsoon rearing its gloomy head way down south, hill terrain, chill winds, pouring rain and thick mist. Woohoo!!

Easha, Ligeo & Joy were on Machismo's, Jahangir on a 500 City Bike, Vipin on his Electra with pillion Arun and I was the odd man out on my CBZ. The ride was planned over an extraaa long weekend. Thursday, Friday and Monday off, giving us 5 days away from the sweat and grime of the city.

The major highlight of this trip was an "illegal" sojourn at the erstwhile Coschen road, a route that is currently open only to trekkers who have managed to wade successfully through a veritable sea of red tape and get the "official" permission. These were shots taken on a fire lookout tower on this route, and then stitched together.

Stitched  #1

You'll have to pardon the quality, though. I didn't have a tripod, and the shots were taken on a film camera. Moreover, this is my first attempt at stitching photographs.

Stitched  #1