Waterfalls 2003

Five days, four people, and more waterfalls than we could count

For five days, BC, Ujjal, Archana and I travelled across Karnataka, braving inclement weather conditions in an effort to visit all the major waterfalls. We chose to do the trip during the monsoon time, when the rivers are in spate and the falls are at their swollen best. The downside, of course, is incessant rain and cloudy skies, and breeding season for the leeches.

Four years on, and I'm still awaiting the promised write-up from Archana. Never mind the events of the trip, I am hard-pressed to recollect the route, or even the names of the waterfalls that we visited. I have prints of all the photographs, but I've misplaced one roll of negatives. Slaving for a few days with a scanner, and for a few more with Photoshop Lightroom, I've put together an album of about 30 or so photographs, culled from the five rolls clicked on the trip.

I really wish I had a story to go with these photos, but for now, I simply hope that I am able to label all of them correctly. I promise to do this trip again sometime, and have a new set of photographs and a new story to tell. But until then... here's the long overdue waterfalls trip photographs.