January 12, 2019

The Perils of being Moderately Famous

Does a pea under the mattress really bother a princess?

Soha Ali Khan is a scion of what is arguably India's most famous family. Under different circumstances, she ought to have been a princess. A literal, big-disney-gown kind of princess.

Her father and grandfather were Oxford educated nawabs, the archetypal "Indian Maharajas". But more prominently, they were both captains of the Indian cricket team. Her mother was a movie actress, and related to India's first Nobel laureate. Her brother's a well known actor as is her sister-in-law. She... well... she's in the movies.

But this book isn't about her family, not really. The reader may indeed get to know a little more about her family through the book, but that is entirely incidental.

She writes this book as a memoir, a collection of stories and events from her life, and a little bit of pop wisdom thrown in. Her writing style is unassuming and self-deprecating, and is both witty and informative in equal measure.

This makes the book easy reading, and a page turner.