March 16, 2010

How's that for romance?!

.... wait for it ....

'Twas a nice, quiet evening. Ms. Shilly Ash was feeling particularly benevolent and, in a moment of weakness, decided to shower affection on Mr. Shilly Ash. So she sat him down, and just snuggled up.

The change of expression on Mr. Shilly Ash's face was encouraging.

She continued... whispered sweet nothings into his ear.

There was a twitch on the mister's face - ah!, she thought, the magic is working.

Mr. Shilly Ash leaned over to say something in her ear.

With great anticipation, she moved her hair away from her ear. Baby, said Mr. Shilly Ash.

Ya, honey? she replied - she was all for encouragement.

Then came the magic words....

"I need to go to the loo"!