February 26, 2010

That's some crunchy paneer!

If they don't have bread, let them eat Paneer

Ms. ShillyAsh has a propensity to break things.

Now, in itself, that's not a bad thing. Lots of folk are clumsy, and it would hardly do to hold it against them. Sometimes even the most athletic ones cannot handle Bone China. I'm sure there are NSG commandos who've broken their share of glassware.

That said, it would be prudent to lock up the crystal cupboard in her vicinity. Anyway, it isn't her propensity to break things that's under the scope here, but her efforts at making amends after. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Ms. ShillyAsh also has a predilection for Paneer-based dishes.

Again, in itself, that is hardly note-worthy. Plenty of people love paneer. It is a very popular ingredient in many Indian curries.

Now, Ms. ShillyAsh had made a big bowlful of Shahi Paneer for dinner, and put the leftover in the fridge. The next day, she takes the heavy glass bowl out of the fridge, and sticks it in the microwave.

A few seconds later, a very distinct "CRACK!" is heard from the microwave.She rushes, but it's too late. The bowl has broken, and the top half of the bowl comes away as a ring. Quite a clean break.

Would it had not been so clean! Ms. ShillyAsh declares the paneer perfectly edible.

"Hey, it was a clean break, right ?"
"How can there be splinters of glass ?"
"I am definitely not going to throw away perfectly good Paneer just because..."
"I won't hear of it".
"Admit it, you just didn't like the Paneer in the first place."

It took the combined efforts of me, her father, her mother, an entire regiment of the NSG and three rogue elephants to pry the Paneer away from her. I emptied the remnants of the bowl, paneer and all in a large plastic bag and quickly threw it into the dumpster, while listening to her mutter about "waste of good food" and "starving Ethiopians".

She rues the lost Paneer to this day.

Oh, and I may have overstated the role of the elephants and the NSG.