February 05, 2009

Hindi Movies

Running around trees, singing songs

Mr. Shilly Ash is a snob… well, at least when it comes to hindi movies!

It so happened that in his younger days, Mr. Shillyash used to watch hindi movies right, left, and centre without any discretion as to what to watch. As a result, he ended up watching some, ahem, ‘interesting’ movies because of which he vowed never to see hindi movies again.

Then, he met me and realized that I am a big fan. (The difference of course, is that I use some discretion!).

In the course of our relationship, he sat through all the movies that I recommended as must-watch, but the paradigm still exists.

How does one fight this paradigm? How does one explain that beyond the apparent idiocy, there exists a world that is intelligent, sensitive, thought-provoking, and sometimes... just entertaining.

Dear God, how do I highlight the unfairness of the paradigm that after watching an unbearable English movie which might have been recommended by 'credible' sources makes him say "this is just like a Hindi movie”.