June 19, 2007

The Longish Break

No blog is complete without a post about why there haven't been posts in a while

hiatus    n.  (pl.  hiatuses) 1 a break or gap, esp. in a series, account,
or chain of proof. 2 Prosody & Gram. a break between two vowels
coming together but not in the same syllable, as in though oft
the ear. hiatal adj. [L, = gaping f. hiare gape]

Here endeth my "break or gap, esp. in a series". It's been nigh on two months since I wrote here. Though I do have a whole bunch of excuses, in all honesty, it's just been plain laziness.

I've finally gotten over my addiction to Quake, and substituted it with, oddly enough, an addiction to Scrabble. I've always associated scrabble with public school boys from Calcutta who speak with affected clipped accents and wear thick glasses. But it sure is a fun game to while away time. I suddenly know so much more about words with "Q" in them which do not have a "U" following it. Mind you, all these words are legal Scrabble words.

A Hindu ascetic
A Muslim Leader (I actually thought it was Qazi)
A system of underground tunnels and wells in the Middle East
An evergreen shrub
A monetary unit of Albania
Alternate spelling for the monetary unit of Albania
A Hebrew letter
The standard typewriter configuration
Plural of Sheqel
An ancient unit of weight and money
A drug that tranquilizes

Next, I'm consulting for two companies now. While it means that there are two gangs who I bleed of moolah, it unfortunately leaves me with absolutely NO free time whatsoever. And I've picked up this bad habit of carrying a laptop with me wherever I go. I feel like those marketing/support folks who treat the laptop like a body attachment. I intend to drop it soon (the habit, not the laptop).

Right, and then throw in motorcycle racing practice, long-distance bicycling practice and Salsa classes (no, really!), and I've covered about all the excuses for not keeping up with the blog. That's also why there haven't been any movie reviews either; there have been NO movies lately. The backlog just keeps piling and piling and piling....