April 17, 2007


Is it really affirmative action when the effects are so negative?

Yep, it has reared its ugly head again. The Indian government are pushing for more affirmative action. Soon as a judicial bench clears it, the Indian government is implementing a 27 percent reservation for what is termed the "Other Backward Classes" in all higher degree professional education institutions.

Let me take you on a little trip My supersonic ship's at your disposal If you feel so inclined. well alright.

The government doesn't seem to realize that it is at cross purposes here. On the one hand, it has declared the caste system illegal.  According to law, a person cannot be treated differently because of his or her race, colour, creed, belief or birth. I am unsure of the exact wording of this law, but that's about the gist of it.

We're gonna travel faster than light So do up your overcoat tight And you'll go anywhere you want to decide. well alright.

But then, the government itself is the one who is treating people differently based on their affiliation to what is euphemistically termed classes. If a person is born into such a class of people, he has the right to avail of this "reservation". So, aren't they contradicting themselves ? Aren't they breaking the law that they have laid down, and have been elected to uphold ?

On my supersonic rocket ship Nobody has to be hip Nobody needs to be out of sight. out of sight.

The way I see it, Reservation is a reversal of the system. While "Affirmative action" is intended to bring equality among people, what it actually does is highlight the inequality. For this very reason, the system has been done away with in almost all other parts of the world.

Nobody's gonna travel second class There'll be equality And no suppression of minorities. well alright.

I'd like to believe that I am beyond the reach of "Reservation". Now that I'm a skilled labourer, and have a couple of honestly obtained degrees to back that up, I'd like to believe that I transcend reservation. But the day may not be far off when I am denied a job because I, unfortunately, have not been born into a scheduled cast, a scheduled tribe or other backward classes.