January 01, 2007

My first ever blog entry

Happy new year! Yep, I've got a blog too.

Happy new year! Yep, I've got a blog too.

It was a new year resolution I made... or rather, one of the many I made... to have a blog of my own, and maintain it regularly. And I thought, since I've got my own hosting space, why not make it more than just a blog ?

So this site has a rather ambitious future. It's already got my [[Personal Movie Database]], which I'll flesh out as time goes by.

I plan to add a Classical Music Encyclopedia soon. I'll also be adding my photo galleries and trip reports. Sometime in the distant future, I'll also be putting in a jazz music encyclopedia, and a book review section... maybe even a library or something.

Sounds a bit far fetched, I admit, but now that it's been typed down, I've got something to look back at and say, "whoa, there's that unfinished plan I gotta work on".

That's part of the charm of having a blog, isn't it ?